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Yellow Naped $1000.00
(Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata)

   The Yellow Nape Amazon may be the best talking parrot of all the Amazon Parrots. This extraordinary bird is larger than many Amazons and can reach lengths of 15 inches. They have always been highly prized because of its talented ability to mimic. Although you may have heard about the Mynah and the African Grey’s ability to speak, there is a difference, only certain species of Mynah learn to speak well, and unfortunately not every African Grey learns to talk.

   Yellow-Napes, on the other hand all learn to speak; some better than others but none are total disappointments. Many are capable of vast vocabularies that are accompanied by whistles, songs, and unique posturing. Many journals list the Yellow-Nape as the best and most prolific talker of all the Amazons; I would have to concur.

   Yellow-Napes are personality packed dynamos, socially out-going and natural clowns. Some think they have the most well defined personalities of all the Amazons and display the most complex body language. I think they are simply smart enough to figure out that being silly gets attention. Their personalities will vary somewhat from bird to bird. They may require a little more training than other parrots, but for many it is well worth the effort. Make sure you have plenty of challenging toys and a play-gym for this character.

   One of my Napes surprisingly remarked, “Oh my god” when he saw a catcher net! He consistently talks to strangers as well as he does to me and seems to thoroughly enjoy an audience. He never fails to say a happy “Hi” when someone new comes to visit. The Nape is a quick learner and only needs to hear some things once or twice to pick it up if it likes the word or phrase.

   The Yellow-Nape is an excellent choice for a family situation with owners that have previous experience with parrots.



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