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White-Bellied Caique $775.00
(Pionites leucogaster xanthomeria)

   You have probably heard of Caiques' even if you haven’t ever seen one. They were imported in small numbers. When importation stopped, breeders scrambled to acquire these comical little bundles for the pet trade. We are now starting to see the results of those breeding efforts with increased availability for parrot enthusiasts.

   Caiques' are the undisputed rodeo clowns of the parrot world. Their coloring is almost as comical as their personalities. They like being the center of attention and are a joy to watch play, wrestle, and steal food from each other. They are very easy to teach tricks and are capable of completing difficult tasks.

   Caiques' are like small children in that they can play very hard for a while and then get tired somewhat suddenly and need a nap. They need this down time which makes them a good pet for someone who is gone a lot during the day. They do not need constant attention and have the ability to entertain themselves when need be. They will require lots of toys which will doubtless provide hours of entertainment for your whole family.



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