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Umbrella Cockatoo $1200.00
(Cacatua alba)

   The Umbrellas are large birds from the Philippines, New Guinea, and a series of islands in the pacific. These cockatoos are very playful birds that love exaggerated body and head movements. It is simply delightful to observe their look of surprise when they raise their crests. If not shown the proper respect and attention however, a scream may follow to remedy the problem. For this reason, this may not be a good apartment bird.

   However, when many people have spent some time with the Umbrella, their character and loving nature is usually enough to win them over enough to overlook this attribute. They are good talkers and enjoy the company of people but usually have a favorite. They will require a larger cage than other species and also frequent time out of the cage.

   Many experts agree that this is one of the most affectionate and social of all parrots. Even G.I.'s during WWII noticed how easily this parrot was tamed and its predisposition toward human companionship. Don’t be surprised if the Umbrella wants to climb under the covers with you at night! This is a truly remarkable bird.

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