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Solomon Island Eclectus $850.00
(Eclectus roratus solomonensis

   Eclectus are the supermodels of parrots. Many people want them for their looks alone. The species is dimorphic meaning that the male and female are colored differently. The male has bright green feathers with a beautiful beak that looks curiously like a candy corn. The female has deep red head and shoulder feathers that turn into navy blue on the lower body. Fortunately, their beauty is not just feather deep or just another pretty face and beak. They have a reputation for being somewhat independent, relatively quiet, and less demanding of physical attention, making them a good choice for the person on the go.

   These are very good talkers and may at first sound like the perfect pet. However they are around 14 inches long making them a little larger than most species. They will require a larger cage. They are inquisitive and will need a play-gym and plenty of swing toys. They are social, even to strangers but may never win an award for being cuddly. For this reason, they might be as good fit for a person who doesnít want an overly touchy feely relationship with a bird. As with any intelligent creature however, how you socialize them when they are young, will to a great extent determine their personality for life.



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