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Severe Mini Macaw $750.00
(Ara severa)

   This striking parrot is a beautiful, sleek and well coordinated bird. Breeders and pet owners alike are impressed with the Severe for several reasons. First, its' size is just about perfect for many people. While listed as a mini macaw, it is the same size as many Amazons. Second, its coloring is just beautiful to look at. The forehead, chin, and area around the cheek are a rusty chestnut brown. The crown, coverts, and primary feathers are sprayed with a hint of light blue. The wing carpal edge and the under-wing coverts are an eye-catching red. The bare facial areas are decorated with thin lines of black feathers giving its face real character. The bird’s general color is dark green.

   These are very intelligent and attentive birds. They have good talking ability and are very devoted to their owners. Some breeders have stated that this is their favorite Macaw because of their over-all personality and companionship skills. The Severe can be very affectionate, is not generally a noisy bird, and is a great pet for either an individual or a family.

   The bird shown above sports an extremely rare color mutation that mingles yellow, orange and blue throughout the bright green body feathers. Please let us know if you know of another severe with this mutation.



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