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Senegal $400.00
(Policephalus senegalus)

   Senegals are of the smaller variety of parrots, being about 9 inches long. These playful birds have a head clothed in ash-gray feathers, green body feathers, and a yellowish-orange underbelly. They are from Africa.

   The Senegal is a bird that is full of itself and will generally love you to death. Senegals are big parrots in small bodies and will entertain themselves when necessary. However, they grow very strong bonds with their owners however. You need not feel guilty about leaving your Senegal at home alone, making it a perfect single person’s bird for a house or apartment.

   While they may chatter a bit, they are not loud nor are they screamers. Rather, they are very sleek, coordinated, and charming. They will require time with you as with any bird but many consider this to be an excellent first time bird because of their lower overall needs. Their talking ability is in the low - medium range. They are excellent for supervised children over ten to twelve years old.

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