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Red-Front Macaw $1150.00 
(A. rubrogenys)

   Red-Front Macaws are the only true medium sized macaw, making them the perfect size for many owners. They are comical and attentive They probably have the most pleasant voice of all the macaws and have a sweet nature as well. They can occasionally be mischievous when young, but that is easily overcome with toys and interaction. Our Red-Front is very affectionate, loves to be held, and has a mild personality. He loves to visit customers when they enter our store.

   For those considering a large macaw, they may find that they could get everything they want in a Red-Front with less cage expense and up-keep requirements. I personally adore the Red-Fronts personality and feel they make great pets because they are not overly prone to bond to only one person and are affectionate.



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