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Panama $1000.00
(Amazon ochrocephala panamensis)

   Of all Amazon Parrots, the Panama Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala panamensis) is one of the best talking parrots. This psittincine is also a rare parrot because it was imported in small numbers. Additionally, Panama outlawed exportation in 1975. Because of this, the entire breeding population in the USA is from stock prior to that time. While their habitat is shrinking, they still have a viable breeding population in the wild. Consider yourself very lucky to own one as a pet.

   I have been unable to find a great deal of information on the Panama Amazon. What I have been able to find, as well as my own experience with this species, has made this my personal favorite parrot. The pet quality of this bird is hard to equal in my opinion. They are listed as excellent talkers in many journals and said to be equal in talking ability to the Yellow-Napes. They do not semm to have the testy streak that can sometimes be present in other Amazons. My experience has confirmed the notion that their temperament is very loving, caring, and consistent from bird to bird.

   My Panama breeders all talk and have picked up multi-word phrases after just a couple of examples. These are very sweet and intelligent birds. One female tells me, "I love you" in what seems to be a child's voice. She then turns around and begs with, "Help, let me out!" in an older woman's voice. I tell her she's a good bird and she usually starts to sing a song! This is the only parrot, other than the African Grey; I have personally witnessed to talk in a very human-like voice.

   They are curious but not to the point of being obnoxious. I have never heard the Panama scream and would not describe them as a noisy bird. They are however open to performing for many different people and seem to readily enjoy the company of other people as much as their owner. They are lower maintenance than many other species and make great family pets for all members.


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