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Meyer's Parrot $400.00
(Poicephalus meyeri)

The Meyer's Parrot, cousin to the Senegal and within the poicephalus family, is slightly smaller in size; however the two share many fantastic personality traits.

The Meyers Parrot is easily identifiable in its coloring with the head and breast being a greyish-brown and the tail and belly are a beautiful blue-green. Under the wing, you will see a striking yellow with additional patches of yellow on the shoulder and a variable band on the crown. The Meyers also has a dark grey beak, grey legs and redish-orange eyes. Each bird in the Meyers species possesses its own unique markings.

These charmers are extremely sweet and lovable. It doesn't take long for them to melt the heart of most anyone who spends a few minutes with one.

The Meyers is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for their first pet bird. They are also ideal for younger owners over the age of 12, single adults, as well as apartment dwellers who might be on the go.

The Meyer's are not loud birds since they talk to you in more of a soft chirping manner. They absolutely love affection and attention and also can be left alone much easier than other species. I warn you; do not hold a Meyers Parrot, unless of course you want to be wooed into getting one!

We recently became very attached to a twelve week old Meyers that was full of personality and loved to give anyone a kiss. She was hard to say goodbye to. Her new owners drove five hours to come and get her. Evidently they had been around a Meyers and decided they couldn't live without one. We know she'll be loved and spoiled to no end.

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