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Hyacinth Macaw $7,500.00
(Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus)

   It is not an exaggeration to state that the largest of all parrots is also the most impressive both in appearance and in pet quality. Its statuesque profile, huge beak, cobalt blue feathers, and bright yellow bare skin surrounding the eyes and lower mandible tantalize the senses and fire the imagination. Although it may be easy to envision these gentle giants gliding through steamy primeval rain forests in remote jungles of the Brazilian wilderness; one is challenged to contemplate the forces at work that produced such an incredible, almost surreal work of art.

   The Hyacinth possesses a simply amazing intelligence and personality. Their attention span is outstanding and allows them to focus for extended periods of time either for play or training. They love to mimic body movements and seem to invite you to play various games mimicking them as well. While in their presence, I many times get the feeling that I am the one being studied because of their deliberate, confident, and softly intriguing gaze. Expect to become enchanted under their spell!

   This bird is the Methuselah of the avian world. Some believe their life-spans to exceed well over 100 years. They can become fairly good talkers but perhaps the most endearing quality is that they seem to view themselves as your equal, if not in pecking order, then in their comportment and willingness to interact with humans. They truly are affectionate and curious creatures. If you look closely again at the photograph above, you'll see the male holding the foot of the female in an apparent gesture of reassurance and protection from the camera. This is definitely unique behavior of a very high order of intelligence.

   With less than 2000 of these jungle denizens left in the wild according to many reports, a trip to the San Antonio Zoo (or one near you) is well worth the effort to sit and admire the creative ways they interact with visitors. Owners describe their relationship with the Hyacinth as a journey into a pre-human past. In my opinion, there is something that is very different about this species from other birds that is hard to describe with just words. All I can say is, you will have to experience the Hyacinth for yourself.



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