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Parrots for Sale!

Refer to this chart to track the status of any bird you wish to own. We also deal with several associate breeders and regularly trade babies with them. So, even if we do not show a particular species with eggs yet, the chances are highly likely that we can still acquire a baby directly from their nest box and raise and socialize it for you in a timely manner. Prices are the same either way.

Please contact us in advance, so that we may reserve your pet. Also, you may want to review our policies regarding the procedure for placing a deposit, making payments, and how shipping is conducted. Click on the links below to view that species in detail.

  Expecting Hatched Feeding Deposits Available Price
African Parrots          
Congo African


Cameroon African
 pure breed


Senegal         $400.00
Meyer's Parrot       $400.00
Blue Fronted


Double Yellow
Mexican Red Head         $600.00
Panama         $1000.00
Yellow Naped         $1000.00
Umbrella Cockatoo                                         $1250.00 
Rose Breasted
Moluccan Cockatoo

Eleonora Cockatoo


Solomon Island


Blue and Gold                                 


Military Macaw    


Severe Mini    




Hahn’s Macaw    


Hyacinth Macaw    


Green Wing Macaw    


Scarlet Macaw    


Red Front Macaw         $1,150.00 
White Bellied         $775.00
Black Headed         $625.00 
Other Birds          
Hawk-headed (F)         $1875.00
Hawk-headed (M)         $2200.00
Sun Conure's         $350.00




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Let us raise a loving companion for you!

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