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Green Wing Macaw $1,550.00
(Ara chloroptera)

   The Greenwing's name is misleading because they are predominately deep crimson-red with a band of green on the wing. The bare facial patch is traversed with red feathers that looks more like Indian war paint. Less commonly bred in captivity, the Greenwing has only recently become available in the pet trade.

   Some believe these to be the most intelligent of all the large macaws. They learn very quickly and are adaptable to a variety of social settings. They are simply a joy to be around and quickly become one of the group. Some have stated that it is easy to forget they are a bird because of the level of interaction with family and friends. Second only to the Hyacinth, the Greenwing is the largest psitticine. They are inquisitive about everything and love being one of the group. In addition to being exceptionally social, they are very sweet and loving birds. They are also just a delight to look at.

   The greenwing has legendary vocal ability however. While they generally do not sound off loudly, they do have that ability. This is probably not a bird for an apartment. Their talking ability is in the medium range and owners describe them as their very best buddy. They make phenomenal pets.



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