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Double Yellow Headed $850.00
(Amazona ochrocephala oratrix)

   We breed the Magna sub-species of the Double Yellow Head Amazon. Of all parrots, this bird has a stately, majestic appearance and is one of the most popular of all Amazons. It has been kept as a pet for well over 100 years. Many factors come into play when examining the popularity of a parrot species. Many pet owners have expressed comments indicating their desire for a colorful and attractive bird. They also look at the potential for speech and its reputation at being a tame, loving bird. Others look at the breeding consistency and a successful gene pool. The Double Yellow Head meets all these requirements and therefore it is no coincidence that it is a favorite in Mexico, its country of origin, and; was for a time the most commonly imported Amazon to the United States.

   The Double Yellow Head can become an exceptional talker. As with most species, your chances are better with a young bird and if you work with him regularly. My secretary’s brother found a Double Yellow Head along the side of a road one morning after a particularly stormy night. It proved to have a very sweet personality and an excellent vocabulary as well. Among the first things it said was, “Tastes like chicken”! Obviously the previous owner had a sense of humor! He was unable to locate the original owner so it is now part of their family. He talks, entertains them and has brought a great deal of joy to their home.

   The Double Yellow Head many times displays a high operatic voice when speaking or singing making it very melodious. Although they may never quite match the talking ability of the Yellow Nape, I personally think that, in general, it is a more friendly and gentler bird. In addition, we only breed the Magna species of the Double Yellow Head. It is slightly larger and fuller in appearance making for a truly magnificent and colorful companion.


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