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The Cameroon Congo African Grey Parrot
A deluxe pet bird - $950.00

   If you need an african grey parrot, we breed the congo african grey. When socialized properly, the african grey will make an outstanding pet bird that will bring a lifetime of quality companionship. The african grey parrot or, more specifically the congo african grey sub-species, (Psittacus erithacus), is a favorite pet bird among enthusiasts. Their talking ability is legendary and volumes have been written about this outstanding pet bird. Not only can these parrots talk, but they also have the uncanny ability to talk in a specific person's voice, much like an impersonator. I have personally heard my african grey create an exact duplication of individual human voices; including radio announcers, whimpering and barking exactly like my dog, and ringing the phone as soon as I close the door when I leave the house in hopes that I'll come back in!

   Perhaps the most famous african grey parrot is Alex, owned by Dr. Irene Pepperberg. This congo african grey has astonished the scientific world because Alex can apparently understand and communicate the English language. He is reported to know over 1500 words, 7 colors, and 6 different geometric shapes and amazingly can count to 6. He also knows the names of, and can identify over 100 items. He has even made up his own names such as "banana cracker" to describe a dried banana chip, and "rock corn" to distinguish dried corn from fresh. Alex has appeared on many prime time news magazine shows and has captured the hearts of millions of people. You can learn more about Alex from Dr. Irene Pepperberg.

   Much evidence exists that parrots, and particularly this pet bird has been kept since Roman times. Evidently they were brought back with returning legions from military campaigns in Africa. Throughout European history the african grey has been the personal pet bird of many Monarchs in Europe including Marie Antoinette and King Henry VIII; whose parrot was alleged to have called out, "Help, I am drowning!", when he fell in the Thames River!

   These parrots are generally shy birds and fairly quiet much of the time. I have never heard my african grey parrot screech out of control. They sometimes tend to bond to only one person unless intentionally socialized with other family members. Some pet bird owners of this species later wished that they had chosen a more out going parrot. However my companion african grey parrot, shown in the picture above is fairly outgoing and will play with me anytime. Her favorite antic is to pretend she is falling over so I will catch her. Of course, I catch her most of the time. But sometimes, I just let her tumble over because it is just too comical. Personalities will vary somewhat but this is a consideration when choosing a species for a pet bird.

   It is a misconception to assume that all parrots will talk. Some make great mimickers of sounds and noises in their environment. Others seem to like human speech better. A person should not choose a particular species solely on the grounds of its potential talking ability. On the other hand, few people are disappointed when they decide to take home a congo african grey. 

   For more information on the congo african grey parrot, visit our links page. Remember, a congo african grey may not be for everyone. There are many different kinds of parrots to choose from. Click here to learn about other parrots.

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