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Black-Headed Caique $625.00
(Pionites melanocephala

   The Black-Headed Caique is similar in every way to the white-bellied except for coloration and availability. The white-bellied is less common in captivity and so commands a slightly higher price. In the wild, the determining factor for coloration is simply what side of the Amazon River they live on. They are native to the north of the Amazon in forest and in savannah regions.

   They are just as playful and clownish as their white-bellied counterparts and therefore may be a better bargain for the customer. Caique's generally hop from place to place instead of walking, which only adds to their silliness. They are hardy compact little birds with no real health concerns to worry about. While not generally thought of as great talkers, you would be hard put to find a pet that will be as entertaining. They make excellent pets for people of all ages.



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