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Blue and Gold Macaw $1150.00
(Ara ararauna)


   The Blue and Gold Macaw (Ara ararauna) is a truly spectacular parrot. This psittincine, of the larger macaws, is a very intelligent bird and loyal pet. Eventually, many bird enthusiasts feel an urge to own one of these large, incredibly colored birds. Perhaps it is the beautiful tropical appearance, or the Blue and Gold's reputation as an acrobat that prompts dreams of ownership. Either way, it is among the most sought after bird in the parrot family.

   While the Blue and Gold is not generally thought of as an outstanding talker (there are exceptions) what they do learn to say is usually spoken clearly and loud. Many owners report that their Blue and Gold's behavior is more reminiscent of a puppy than a bird; often times following them around the house. These animals are very playful and are more than willing to be taught tricks by their owners. Popular antics taught to Blue and Gold's include rolling over and playing dead, skating on special parrot skates, and riding a small bicycle designed for Macaws. Bird shows at amusement parks usually include this well-known species.

A   ll large Macaws have very powerful beaks that are capable of crushing the hardest palm nuts. However, they are seldom vicious. They seem to expect respect and to give it equally as a matter of course. Maybe they realize that only a very foolish person would actually try to harm them! If size and a bold attitude intimidate you, you might want to think of owning a smaller species of Macaw. However, if you think you would enjoy a parrot that would maybe grab your wrist tenderly and snugly to play tug-a-war, or cuddle its bare face against yours while mumbling affections, then a Blue and Gold might well be your companion bird of choice.



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