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Blue Fronted $700.00
(Amazona aestiva aestiva)

   The Blue Front Amazon has been known to aviculturists for over 100 years. This handsome parrot is highly prized by South Americans because of their suitability to training and gregarious nature. The Blue-Front is a slim, graceful bird that is a very good talker as well. It can reach 14 or 15 inches in length. The arrangement of blue feathers on the head is highly variable, making each bird unique.

   The Blue-Front is an excellent cage bird and was one of the most widely imported Amazons in times past. It is also a favorite in its natural habitat because of its tameness and ability to talk. It is also known for its hardiness and ability to withstand varying temperatures. Like other Amazons, Blue-Fronts have strong individual personalities and become closely bonded to their owners.


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